About the SQE

Our SQE Partners

The CLLS is working with BARBRI, Young Legal Aid Lawyers, the Legal Aid Practitioners Group and the Law Centres Network to deliver this programme, including promoting the programme and deciding eligibility of applicants. BARBRI will also provide the SQE preparation courses. BARBRI are experts in supporting those studying for professional exams alongside full-time employment and, in support of this initiative, are offering discounted programmes.

About BARBRI’s SQE Preparation Programmes

BARBRI’s flexible SQE preparation programmes are designed to support you on your qualification journey, whilst studying around your employment commitments. Their innovative courses are built on decades of experience in exam testing (US Bar, QLTS and SQE) and learning innovation. Unique learning technology provides a structured and supportive environment that gives transparent learner progress and instantaneous feedback.

BARBRI’s Personal Study Plan (PSP) is powered by ISAAC, the Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach, which combines AI with real-world exam intelligence to produce SQE preparation programmes that are uniquely tailored to you as an individual. Throughout the programmes, ISAAC monitors which topics you are mastering, and which topics you are less familiar with. It then adjusts your learning path to shore-up strengths and remediate weaknesses.

The substantive learning for the course (on-demand lectures, bespoke SQE study guides, multiple choice question sets and practice assessments) is delivered flexibly on the PSP. For SQE1, this learning is supported by regular guidance from your dedicated 1:1 learning coach, tutor ‘office hours’ drop-in sessions and live online ‘Prep for Success’ workshops covering e.g. systematic problem solving, exam guidance, wellbeing and mindfulness. For SQE2, weekly assignments (skills tuition and practice exercises) are delivered via the PSP with 1:1 tutor support and practice with feedback sessions.

Further information about BARBRI’s SQE programme is here: https://barbri-prep.com/sqe/

Your Commitment

SQE1: 40-week part-time (10 hours per week study), plus time preparing for the assessment.

SQE2: 20 weeks part-time (10 hours per week study), plus time preparing for the assessment.