For Applicants

How to Apply and Application Timetable

Applications for SWSQF 2023 are now closed.

The full timetable for the application process can be found below:

Thursday 19 October 2023 at 12:00 Applications open. The Application Form, Guidance to Applicants and SWSQF Eligibility Criteria documents will be available on this website.
Thursday 23 November 2023 Applications close at 22:00.
w/c 15 January 2024 All applicants will be notified whether they have been shortlisted for an interview.
w/c 5 and 12 February 2024 Interviews with shortlisted applicants.
w/c 4 March 2024 All shortlisted applicants advised whether they have been successful.
Please read each of the four documents below before completing the online Application Form:

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the SWSQF, applicants will need to be able to confirm (and, where stated, provide evidence) that they meet all the Eligibility Criteria.

Download document

Guidance for Applicants

Contains information on the criteria, process and timetable and provides guidance on completing the online Application Form.

Download document

SWSQF Frequently Asked Questions

The Solicitor Creation Team have put together this helpful document that should answer any questions that prospective applicants may have. These have been gathered from the 2 previous cohorts and from situations that may affect an applicant’s #SWSQF Journey.

Download document

Employer Support Letter

Your employer (or your prospective employer, if contracted to work in the future) must confirm all the matters outlined in section 6 of the Eligibility Criteria 2023. This document sets out the matters requiring your employer’s confirmation and support and provides guidance to your employer on what we are asking of them. A solicitor or COLP in your organisation should complete the letter, sign and print it on letterhead paper. The letter must be uploaded with your online Application Form.

Download document

The CLLS reserves the right in its absolute discretion to make appropriate enhancements and amendments to the SWSQF in line with its experience of operating the SWSQF and in line with sponsor financial commitments.

Any queries not dealt with in these documents may be emailed to [email protected]

Guidance on Applying for the Fund from YLAL

In this short video, YLAL answer everything employers might want to know about the SWSQF – who the Fund is for, how it will work, and how employers can use it to support their paralegals, caseworkers and more to qualify as solicitors in their organisation:

YLAL have recorded this short FAQ video for applicants: 

For further guidance please visit the YLAL – Solicitors Qualifying Exam Hub, an extensive website created by young lawyers offering information on SQE. This page also contains a link to the dedicated SWSQF page, which provides information on the fund and guidance for the application process.