Updated Combar/CLLS Specimen Agreement for the Supply of Services by a Barrister in a Commercial Case 2014 (pdf)

As a result of regulatory changes, barristers enter into contracts with their instructing solicitors more frequently than was traditionally the case. In order to assist barristers and solicitors in commercial cases, the City of London Law Society and the Commercial Bar Association have negotiated specimen terms (the "Terms") that can, if the parties so wish, be used as a basis for discussions in relation to terms to be agreed for any particular case. Version 1 of the Terms was first published in January 2013, but is now succeeded by version 2 with effect from 1 January 2014. Version 2 endeavours to build on practical experience of using the Terms, aims to make clearer the effect of certain terms and also reflects certain regulatory changes. Version 2.1, dated 23 June 2014, amends version 2.0 by confirming (for the avoidance of any doubt) that the optional limitation in clause 20.3 caps the barrister’s overall liability including any liability under clause 12.3.

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